Entry Procedures

1.  Record your three repertoire selections and the hymn on a high-quality audio CD. One of the following formats is required for a valid application: .cda, .asx, .wm, .wma, .wmx, .wav, .mp3, or .m3u. A listing of the repertoire is required. If playing a multiple- movement work, each needs to be on a separate track (i.e. Bach Prelude and Fugue—prelude on one track and fugue on the next).

2.  A letter of recommendation from current organ teacher, if applicable.

3.  For students under 18, a letter of consent from parent or legal guardian.

4. While memorization of the repertoire for the actual competition is not a requirement, those finalists who do memorize their music will receive extra consideration. Finalists must play from original scores during the competition: photocopied scores are forbidden. The exception is for page-turn necessity only.

5.  Contestants must provide the judges with three photocopies of their music from the same edition used in performance.

6.  Application must be postmarked by May 15, 2019.